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lol people

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lol this woman today i did the nice little pleasant conversation of "hows it goin?" at the end before she walked away this was the exchange...
her: *worried look on her face* "you have really red cheeks... you should really get them checked out"
me: *smiling like i normally do* "yes i have gotten them checked out they are merely enlarged capalaries whom cause a red pigmant to show through my skin tone."
her: *still worried look* "oh i see... well i just like to point out anything that could be a medical condition" *she smiles thinking she is a good person and all*
me: *without wasting a moment in a semisarcastic/snide tone* "really, thats good... however wouldn't it have been more prudent of you to say something about my tumor instead?" *i incline my head slightly for her to get a better look at my wen*
her: *shocked look* "oh my" *starts to walk away*

i'm sorry i have red cheeks... i have for 20 years... everyone comments about them but noone talks about my tumor... why is that? i mean sure its a banine dead tumor called a wen but still it does show... but apparently red cheeks (which at worst means lupis) is worse then a tumor on the top of your forhead....