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There will always be hard decisions

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Decisions come in all forms - easy to make, moderately easy/hard and those mind boggling ones that tear you apart. Its not easy to make those decisions.

I guess I probably need time to consider it.

"Nobody said it was going to be easy" ~ The Scientist, Coldplay

What makes it difficult is that its a year, exactly. 18th July. No mistake about it. I don't want to be the bad guy. But I feel that maybe now is not the time. Later on? Another lifetime? I need to think about it. I'm sorry, now perhaps isn't the best time to tell you. You're still dealing with your loss...

I don't want to seem harsh, I don't want to break your friendship. Things get in the way, yes, they do. It seems as though my mind is made up. I want to just tell ya that forever I'll be there. But maybe this is it... For now. I dunno, we're so detached...

Ups and downs, many we've been through. Undeniably, you've been a great friend and a great support. That is true of you. But lately its been different. I dunno why.. You appologised, I accepted.

I dunno what to think. I just know, this is a difficult decision. I hope its for the best. Love ya always, even if its just friends.