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Big Brother 7 - My All*Stars

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It's no secret that I am a reality tv fan. Ok,whore. Whore is really the better word because I do whatever it wants me to. If it wants me to watch it on Sundays,I will. If it wants me to watch it 3 times a week and recap it for reality sites,I'll do it. Gladly. And I will always ask for more.

Big Brother has easily become one of my top 5 reality shows and I have the fucking fever this year because it is an All-Star season!

Some of my favorite people have decided to do this one more time and I'm saying...BRING IT THE FUCK ON!

Since the fans get to choose 6 of the 12 HG's this year,there has been a lot of speculation about who the fans will pick and who the producers will's the most important picks....MINE! :badgrin:


What can I say about Danielle except that she is my favorite player of all time? She lied,cheated,manipulated and let us in on every delicious and bitchy thought in her infamous Diary Room sessions. She charmed and schemed her way to the final two without ever being nominated and the other HG's never suspected a thing until they got out of the house and saw what she was saying and doing behind their backs. They were hurt and voted 9-1 that Danielle not win the money. She was robbed,but I'm glad she decided to come back and do it again. I sure as fuck missed her. Welcome back, Dani..get in there and kick some ass. Scandalous!

On paper,I should hate Janelle. She's blonde,bitchy and seems like a snot. But once you get to know her you fall in love,especially when her arch enemies piss her off.
Janelle was targeted by The Nerd Herd from her first day in the house,but managed to make it to the final 3 and was the last one from her 6 person alliance to be evicted.
She never gave into the pressure of the challenges, won several and managed to evict 2 members of Herd before she was done. And when she wasn't busy winning competitions (or playing with her weave) she was busy tearing The Nerd Herd a new ass because of their lies,betrayals and me...noone calls you a money grubbing bitch like my Janey. Welcome back Janey Doll....align yourself with Dani and the house will be yours...Bye,bye bitches

Nakomis annoyed the shit out of me at first. She went into the house as Jennifer and then decided that she wanted to use her alter ego Nakomis as her name. She is gothy and a little weird,but she became my girl when she came up with The Six Finger plan. When noone could evict Jase,she figured out a way to 'backdoor' him and never give him a chance to save himself. It is a major flaw in the game that I hate now,but at the time I was grateful. The producers also stuck her in the house with a half-brother she never even knew she had and as fucked up as that is,she handled it with grace. (Well,until she zapped the fuck out for an hour the week she was going to be evicted.) But then everything layed extremely chilly for her,she snapped back and left the house as cool as the proverbial cucumber. Cool beans


Will is a jerk. Plain and simple. He's cocky,arrogant,conceited and egotistical. But he's a damn good player. Sometimes called The Richard Hatch of Big Brother, Will told everyone in his house that he would lie,cheat,and steal to win the game. They didn't believe anyone could be that cold. He was and he won 9-2. It will be interesting to see how well he holds up in the new house,but it will be most entertaining if he gets evicted first. You will play this game with me and you will lose

James is one part ego-maniac,one part devious,one part sweet,and one part brutally honest. I'd love to see the showdown between James and Will as both of their playing styles are so similiar.
James probably should have won in his season,as his strategy was to play both sides of the divided house,but he came on too strong by winning too many veto competitions.(He was weakened by his girlfriend being in the game as well)I should dislike him immensely,being that he is a Republican and major supporter of DUBYA,but I have a soft spot in my heart for him because one of his best friends is a lesbian and his girlfriend is a doll.He can't be all that bad.....can he? Plus he looks damn good in a wife beater. *|* Noone came here to make friends this summer

King Kaysar is my boyfriend. Not just cause he's cute,but because he's smart,funny and unpredictable. He messed up big time last year by being evicted twice(and trusting that horrible skanky cunt,Jennifer),but I really think he has the stuff to make it far this year. Always thinking and always twirling that sexy black hair,I'm afraid he'll be bald if he makes it to the end of this season,but I'd still lick him clean. I predict that he,Janelle,and Danielle will team up and kick the house in its ass. I didn't seal your fate. I sealed your partner's fate

I'm hoping my six make the house and I'm sure the producers are gonna stick some horrible fucks in the house to piss me off,but I can hardly wait for the drama.

Let the fucking games begin. ..|