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For every up is there a down?

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What goes up must come down they say. Is this statement really true? Can it be held true for the emotional state?

The past few days have been low... I'm worried about him. He hasn't been on since Saturday his time. I've tried waiting up to see if I can catch him. I wonder if the card has arrived his side yet. The last PM from him was, well, he's not doing so good. I just want to be there and hold him close and hug him to help him get through. Its been nearly a year, and June 18th was in essence a horrible day.

Why? June 18th, 11 months... Dusty was the one that supported us all the way, he was our angel. He was our older bro. He took care of us and sheltered us from a lot of stuff, he was our guardian so to speak. And June 18th was father's day... He never got to celebrate it! It doesn't seem fair. Did he even get to celebrate his first anniversary?

Anyway, David's been nagging at my thoughts quite often. I hope he's okay. Its not helping that I'm starting to worry about school too, seeing that the break ends this week. Will I be able to continue in the specialist dip? Ms Peter's words ring in my ears...

"So far no one has failed..."

So far. What if I don't cut it? I would've wasted someone else's space that could've done better than me. I'm probably over reacting to a lot of stuff, thinking far to negatively and far too much as usual.

Remember last year, when David's bud Aaron died? He went away for a trip for sometime. But it all came good in the end. He accepted Aaron's death. Dusty's passing on will take him some time to get over. I will just have to be strong for both of us I guess and we'll get through the rocks. I love you babe. Please be okay. Dying to hear from you, see you online even if yer not up to talking.

*Feels good to release all that tension*