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Partner Problems

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Never really tried this before, but figured maybe it will help me move on.

Recently my partner of 2.5 years told me he had recieved a calling from the Lord. He needs to clean his life up and live right. So he broke off our relationship. After 2.5 years just like that, it's over. I can't really be mad at him because He has meant more to me than just about anyone in the world, and he is just doing what he feels is right. It just hurts so bad.

I have had some problems in my past. I turned to the Lord and asked him for help. Then I met my partner. He got me off drugs, and helped me to get my life back on track. I thanked the Lord every day for sending me my very own angel. But now my angel is being taken away and I'm scared, alone, and confused. Why is this happening? Will everything work out? Will Life really go on now that I'm alone again?

Stay Tuned and find out. :(