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Whatever happened to the good ol' love story?

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by , March 30th, 2006 at 04:27 AM (1012 Views)
Sex sells, even in stories, and stories about gay men are no different. They have to include heart-pounding, meat-whacking sex or they limit themselves to the few sentimental types who like to see what actually goes on within a relationship.

The sex is nice, I suppose, especially if you're alone and horny and need something to stimulate the brain as you do some one-handed reading. And there's lots of that available. Just drop by Nifty and you'll see for yourself. But, in a story where you get to know and get to love the characters, the sex is assumed to happen, and no-one can imagine it better than the people who are reading about the lives of the characters.

I have nothing against sex. It's fun. Or, at least for me, it used to be. But, a blowjob is still a blowjob, no matter who is giving it and who is receiving it. The only things that change are the situations and the circumstances. It's the characters that are important. It's the love behind the blowjob that matters. That's what makes the story.

I don't have to read about the sex. I just have to close my eyes and I can see it for myself. It's a lot more difficult to see a love story, though. Someone else has to show that to me.

I haven't seen BBM yet, and I may never see it, but I would like to. I don't particularly care to see Heath or Jake's bare butts, though. They are attractive guys and all, but watching them have sex isn't on my list of priorities. I want to see what happens inside their minds which pulls them together in the first place and keeps them together afterward. I want to see the love story.