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just had a fantastic weekend...just

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by , February 27th, 2006 at 11:45 PM (793 Views)
I'm slowly learning my way around the computer, hooray! I finally figured out how to move pictures around, and I've created a gallery in my prairie_looner profile. My personal album has only one picture, one of me taken in September 2002 in Pittsburgh, when I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now. I am slowly uploading other albums as well. Finally you can see what I look like. I shall NOT be responsible for death, injury or long-term loss of income incurred by those who may decide to view my picture.

I've been in the Detroit area for three and a half days now. I just finished a marvelous weekend, which will take a while for me to get to, below.

Last summer an old college buddy (Jim, who was a "fuck-buddy" AND friend into a good part of the 70s) suddenly re-contacted me after we hadn't been in touch in 29 years. This happened on 05 July, which means that the "4th of July holiday" was my last perfectly-normal day of 2005. Only six days later I was on the phone with him, and he wasn't feeling well, but he didn't recognize it as a medical emergency as I did - I talked him into going to the E.R. and I think that it may have saved his life. I didn't take this (29 years, versus 6 days) to be trivial in any way. We were in heavy contact and I was very close to falling in love with him; he got upset by that BUT he carefully and caringly explained exactly why he was upset, while giving me advice. I couldn't possibly take any offense from that, but appreciated and thanked him for his courage to confront me. I was "subject to" maybe falling in love with him all the way into the end of September, and he had to discuss the problem with me more than once as recently as early October, yet he didn't run away from me nor did I take any offense (as that clearly wasn't the purpose). During the period he was also giving me plenty of advice on nutrition, and how to lose weight, and how to read labels - he's a good teacher - I've lost 40 pounds since the beginning of September! (In the past I seldom bought much at Whole Foods, of which the nearest is more than three hours from me - now whenever I'm near one it's a virtual pilgrimmage and a major expenditure.)

Our total visiting in 2005 was less than ten hours, as scheduling didn't work very well, AND the most accessible part of that period was during a time that he was very apprehensive about his health. (Thankfully the July emergency was ONLY that, and some anomalous readings were merely that - not a sign of some actual horrible problem such as cancer.) However 2006 has been much better. We spent the weekend together in Fort Wayne, Indiana January 20-22. (Risky scheduling that time of year with me coming 380 miles and he coming about 180 miles, but the weather cooperated fully.) We had no lack of stuff to talk about the 46 hours we were together; sex was hot and wonderful but was a small component of the visit (2 hours). I shared in his exercises both mornings, where we both power-walked in a nearby subdivision around 7:30 in the morning. I'm not used to it, but I need to add an exercise regimen to my better eating; I think an elliptical machine may be more my style.

This weekend, as he had previously suggested, he came and met me at the motel 5PM Friday the 24th, we talked for a while and went out to eat. Madison Heights, Michigan isn't the hub of the universe, but we found a Vietnamese restaurant where my meal wasn't too bad. (I sampled Jim's meal and it wasn't as good, and his beef had gristle on it, etc. - he wasn't very satisfied but it wasn't horrible either.) We soon ended up in bed with some more hot frot-sex (body-to-body hugging and humping, etc.). He left Saturday noon as anticipated, and we also spent Sunday afternoon together as he had indicated. Many great conversations about all kinds of things. I'm not sure exactly how Jim feels about me, but clearly we are both quite fond of each other, and this is the closest I've been to "serious dating" in quite a few years. This amount of visiting (over 70 hours so far in 2006) is unusual for him, to be sure, and he is a very reserved kind of guy, and very structured - we are both sharing some pretty personal stuff with each other, and I doubt seriously that he talks about much of this with anybody else. Jim is a very caring person in general - a recent e-mail about what he did to "be there" for a woman he's known since the Sixties (her dad recently died of cancer, her relatives are dysfunctional, etc.) was so heartfelt and exuded so much love that I couldn't help but cry. I feel VERY fortunate to have somebody like this as a friend - there's not that many people you can safely feel that you can trust unconditionally.

Between Jim's visits, I drove out to Ann Arbor, to visit at a family-run store which is run by two brothers (both very nice and sincere people). Jeff had mentioned something on the phone about me going to his house afterward, but I didn't fully realize that I would also meet his wife for the first time, and there would be a total of six of us there just hanging out and partying...and having some GREAT weed. (That is something that I VERY RARELY do any more - I think the first time for me since mid-August 2005...I took only ONE hit in total and I was flying, man, like all evening...everybody else took 10 or more hits. As seldom as I use it, my tolerance is extraordinarily low and I can get high on almost nothing.) They were showing a Grateful Dead DVD as well, a group I had the misfortune of never managing to get to see while Jerry was still alive, nor later. Probably the coolest part of this happening was the time spent talking to Phil, a straight Political Science professor, who has many interests, such a groovy guy!! Even the radio driving back to Madison Heights, after the party ended past midnight, added some great ambience to a wonderful weekend, as I was listening to WEMU playing some jazz which was truly very trippy. Jazz aficionados would do well to tune these guys in on the Internet, this rather weak Ypsilanti station (which barely can be heard in Detroit) must be one of the best jazz stations in the USA.

I hope that EVERYBODY reading this blog has had recent times as comparably wonderful as this weekend was for me, and that you have more to come as well. Aloha and hugs to all!!!