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Good Luck Chloe

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by , February 18th, 2006 at 11:52 PM (573 Views)

The Final Days Are Coming

I used to be so proud of myself when I didn't watch Project Runway last season. I am admittedly addicted to watching reality tv,but sometimes I am too stubborn to bite into some of the newer shows and this has usually paid off well for me. For instance,I never got suckered into watching The Littlest Groom (The Bachelor meets The Lollipop Kids),Boy meets Boy, Bet's College Hilland I don't care how big it is,you will never get me to understand why Fear Factor is so popular. If I wanted to watch people eat roaches and rats,I could have stayed in the ghetto.

So I never watched Project Runway last season...well that isn't exactly true. I watched about 3 episodes and found myself yelling at my television because I found Wendy Pepper to be such an annoying cunt I actually had visions of beating her to death with the blunt end of my cellphone. So I had to stop you see. Either stop or up the meds and Wendy wasn't worth it.

This year, I had the same plan. I've never been the kind of guy (gay) that was ever into designing clothes. I like the way they look on (and off) people,but I never had a hankering to sit down at a machine and put together my own 'piece'. I couldn't even imagine that it would be fun to watch people do it. I remember watching my grandma painstakingly sewing a button on a suit coat once and almost fell asleep. Why she didn't amazes me,but I suppose she could have poked herself that way and thus she had a motivation to stay alert.

I got sucked into Project Runway 2 because I had a cold (that lastest 4 weeks) over the course of several weekends and I wasn't able to go out and party like a young person should. The only thing I did from Friday night to Monday morning was blow my nose,take my pills and watch hours of bad tv. I didn't even have time to increase the number of movies from Netflix,otherwise I may have been spared.

Those smart folks at Bravo must have smelled blood because they showed 2 and 3 hour Project Runway marathons on the weeks I was sick and I got hooked. Bad. Like a hooker with a problem. Or like a certain Jubber who likes his 'diet aids'. Ahem. I watch this show every week and actually get upset if I don't catch it on the first run even though they repeat it ad nauseum throughout the week. (see above paragraph)

So it has come down to the final 3. A sweet and talented pale twink with unruly hair,a 30 -something cool cat spicy Asian mama that designs clothes that make me have a non-sexual crush on her,and a tall,lanky,insecure and intimidating fellow who has the chops to make clothes but always takes them 3 or 4 steps too far.

Daniel V
I like Daniel V. I really do. He is smart,very sweet and incredibly gifted for his young age(24). I believe he has won more individual challenges than any other designer in the show's short history and I like a lot of his stuff. He is the front-runner and will probably win and that's why I am not rooting for him. The judges love him (except for that horrible thing he designed for Chloe...YIKES) and even my girl Chloe has remarked how unsettling it is for someone so young to be good at so many things.If he doesn't win the show, I think he should find himself a nice older man to finance his lines and go on from there.
Believe me,if he is single after this show,it will be a miracle. I think he will go very far in the business with or without this show and that's why I can't give him 100% support. He doesn't need it.

I want to like Santino,but I just can't. He is arrogant,obnoxious,and combative. Don't even get me started on that platter of lies he delivers to the judges every week. He also doesn't understand that the reason he has stuck around for so long is because he is the Wendy Pepper of this season. Every show needs a bad guy and Santino has fit the bill since the previews.
He even looks like a bad guy. I believe someone on Best Week Ever described him as a cross between General Zod from Superman 2 and Osama Bin Laden....
He has promise as a designer,but he goes to far in all of his work. On the last task when they had to design a dress for ubermodel Iman,he designed a dress that looked like something Diana Ross would dig out of a case for a possible Supremes reunion tour. He will likely not win,but he will deliver loads of drama to fill out the last 3 episodes.

I wasn't sure what to think of her at first,she seemed aloof and a little cold and then I realized that she is just reserved. I have enjoyed all of her designs (even the ones the judges panned last week),but especially the dress designed for the skater and the dress she made totally out of leaves. This woman has her own boutique in Texas,but I think bigger things should be in store for her. She has a simple,but out-of-the-box feel to her clothes that is so special in my eyes. I also think that she is just a helluva human being. She seems like a super cool,cool cat and I admire and respect her. Best of luck Chloe..I hope you win the whole darn thing!