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All is good

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by , January 14th, 2006 at 05:24 AM (556 Views)
So it's been awhile since I updated.
Everything is good all around me. my house is fab, I love my job. Leo the hound is the best. I have a nice car, a boat for the summer, and I'm heading to New Zealand in 4 wks to hang out with my bro , play some golf ,and do some sailing. So all is great, EXCEPT that I'm still alone. The summer fling was fun but not going to be the man for me to settle down with. So that's what I need, the right guy to come into my life and share with me a great situation, and I have the time and energy to share their life too, but it seems hard to find the guy. Internet dating sucks, and I'm not into late night bars. Living in a small town, I know almost everyone, and I don't see the mate for me anywhere around. what to do? I know, stop looking, and i will stumble across him right?, but it's hard to not atleast be thinking about it.