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Where to now?

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I'm now at one of those little crossroads you find on the road of life. Such a hackneyed metaphor, but so universal. . . .

Finished my latest grad degree this month but because of the holidays and university system my final transcript / degree won't be available until early January.

I like to teach abroad (maybe one day I'll end my exile if a good opportunity comes up, but I'm still young enough to like to travel and live overseas). In testing the job opportunities I note that foreign schools now request all documents to be sent by email (!). Ok . . . certainly cheaper than faxes, but it means I'll have to digitize transcripts and the like, so I'm stuck back at early January when my latest degree is available.

And it also begs a few security problems. If I digitize my passport main page, I can't do it in color because Kinko's told me fed requirements won't allow them to do that. But it also means I'll be emailing such things as my social security number -- how safe is that?

I could always fly to some job fair, I guess, but that's expensive and highly stressful. Hmm.

Sent out a few tentative inquiries and already have several interested replies (requesting the digitized documents): China seems to be a hot spot these days!

Very interesting, but that would mean the end of my free online life -- I know the scrutiny of foreigners there makes even the Bush Whitehouse seem lax :( .

Another prospect is Poland. Polish guys, yum :kiss: .

So I must wait a week or so to continue my job search; not bad, as I'm ok where I'm living at the moment and can use the time to organize my poor possessions -- by now used to the idea they are locked in long-term storage. All my comfortable books, framed posters, and, most missed, electronic keyboards and electric guitar and music studio, sit idle. Damn. But having changed careers, and knowing a beginning teacher's salary in the US sucks, I'm not ready yet to settle down at a local school -- and there's no security there for a few years, either.

Guess I need some solitude for reflection before moving on to the next stage in life. There's a few great hiking trails nearby, so I'm thinking of an extended hike.

Too bad that will remind me how isolated I feel at the moment :rolleyes: . But that should change rapidly once I move abroad. . . .

My ideal place to teach a bit? Germany! I know a bit of German from my early school days, and would love to work on some immersion fluency.

Then there's that long-term dream of living in Greece!

Possibilities: I'm actually now a bit more excited ;) .