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I'm a new member...on Christmas!

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by , December 25th, 2005 at 03:46 AM (723 Views)
No idea how often I'll blog, but I'm up really late just trying to figure out the breadth and depth of this mega-cool site. The eye-candy drew me in at first, but there's so very much more in here. I'm supposed to get up early enough to cook up a bunch of chili, AND get over to a friend's house (married straight couple with a daughter), a mere 8 & 1/2 hours from now. I should be in Chicago for New Year's, there's a big party there every year and I'll be visiting other friends as well. Though I'm 100% gay, the friends/people I hang with have a straight/gay ratio very similar to the overall population. (Of all those overalls, what percentage of them are corduroy? :-)

When gay sex does happen, frottage RULES!! For those most-familiar with this, notice I don't say "frot" instead; that is only one part of the whole frottage experience. The body-to-body closeness is great, along with cuddling, massage and other tactile sensations. Fast sex isn't even really that much fun, but slow and easy (even including "afterplay" which I've never even heard anybody mention) is great, and perhaps an antidote to a life where my interests more than cover the available length of day.

Anybody who reads this, especially between Christmas and New Years, I hope that the holidays you're having are ones that you'll remember fondly for years, and I wish the same for those people (and pets!) important to you as well.