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Sailing into uncharted waters

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by , December 17th, 2005 at 11:47 AM (603 Views)
So - the object of my desire broke up with his partner of 3 years and is free as a bird and more importantly - AVAILABLE. Now i told u have it BAD for this guy :luv: but in true cricketing fashion "i don't bat on a sticky wicket". I always said he should come and spend the weekend with me the mountians of alberta and GUESS WHAT - i'm picking him up at the airport January for a LONG weekend of "getting to know u , getting to know all about yo . . . " (he sings in true Julie Andrews the sound of music fashion). We've decided its still TOO early for anything serious but we'll see what happens and if we REALLY like eachother and are compatable - as i don't want him off the rebound either. This will be my first internet connection and romance - i'm both excited and scared shitless - and can't fucking wait for january - just hope he likes me as much in person as he has on the net and over the phone (ww)

wish me good luck boys :shamrock

wraith over and out