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Desiring what i can't have

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by , November 7th, 2005 at 08:40 AM (590 Views)
So i met this guy online - here at jubbers right, He is very cute and sweet and we've corresponding for a while getting to know each other as it were. Just email and then we landed up spending hours IM eachother and then finally we I phoned him. I think i falling for him in a big way - a BIG way. But as usual my life is never quite that simple - he is with someone at the moment - attatched and off the market - and i respect that and wouldn't want to interfer with that relationship - i don't think i'd forgive myself if i did - so we're just friends and i can be happy and thankfull for that - and i am. Still it doesn't change the fact that i can't stop thinking about him or dreaming about him or longing to hear his voice say my name. I think i've got it bad boys :luv: - and there's nothing i can do :confused: