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Settling down

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by , October 30th, 2005 at 07:12 AM (502 Views)
Work - omg i could have sworn there was a sign on my forehead that said please screw me ( and not in the good gay sense either). They are making me work my birthday and christmas this year and may just add in new years - cause you don't have any friends and family to celebrate with do you (cold slap in the face that i tell you). So i'm convincing them i actually have a life ( small and insignificant i know but its mine ) since i want to go skiing as i have never doen it before and i think it will be a hoot - and who knows maybe i'll meet some cute guys on the slopes - or in the emergency room after i've done myself an injury. I'm settling down into a routine og work work work work and then there is an exam comming up i need to study for. For some reason the country thinks foreigners ( ie yours truely) need to rewrite their exams to ensure they aren't total wankers - and to make a few (thousand bucks on the side). It doesn't matter my degree is internationally recognised and the institution i went rates in the top 25 in the world or that three other countries have registered me as fully licensed on their councils with no hint of an exam - it reminds me of the song from that animated show "blame Canada". Oh well life goes on - and so do we and all we can be sure of is change. just hope there is man out there who's looking for me as hard as i'm looking for him.