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The One Year Plan

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by , October 2nd, 2005 at 05:06 AM (511 Views)
Hey boys ..|

So i fly back to canada tomorrow - but with mixed feelings. I've been back in SA now for two months and have started to wonder why i left. My experience with Sean , being back in "familiar territory" with family and my mates , and then there's that "thing" that happened between a good mate and i when we went to chill down at the sea ( the drought in my sex life ended). And i have been offered the chance to specialize - they phoned me out of the blue. So i have decided to st ick it out in Canada for another year - only this time i'm gonna concentrate on enjoying life more than diving headlong into my job - hey i was there a year and i've not skied or seen a hockey game. I think i owe myself that much - after a year who knows maybe i'll move back to south africa and start specializing or . . . hey i'll cross that bridge when i get to it. As for now i need to finish repacking ( i'm a bit OCD )and when i chat to u boys again it'll be on BROADBAND. :wave:

PS - thanks boys for all the support whilst i was here - it really is appreciated - really (*8*)

Wraithsa - still a bit dazed but not confused