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Money or the Box

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by , September 17th, 2005 at 10:23 PM (514 Views)
So the funeral seems like a lifetime ago - and it was beautiful. So many people. I did the eulogy - cause i was asked and there was only one set of dry eyes - mine - i just couldn't cry- not anymore - i was just numb since Sean passed away. I was then told i was the executrer of Sean's estate and i had to read the will - that was last week thursday. So nervous as all hell the day arrives and i'm in the black suit with all the individuals named int he will and the family ( sister and a younger brother). So i read the document hands sweating like there's no tomorrow. The boy was not poor - i always knew he was well off but he was actually stinking rich. So i get to last paragraph and its to me. I choke - but i have to read out aloud. He said he would have left me everything but he knew i would refuse his money because of who i am ( he's right i don't take handouts) and so he leaves me a box for me to open whenever i wish. So reading the will finished i dash out of there box in hand and spend all of thursday afternoon and evening looking at it. Friday came and still i couldn't open it. So my crazy isiter dumps my godson off in the afternoon and i'm reading and he's playing and he gets hold of the box and asks me who's present it is. He's four. I say its mine and that its from a very special friend. He wants to know why i haven't open it yet - and do i need any help. He always opens my presents christmas and on my birthday. So i sit him next to me on the floor and open it. Inside there was a rugby jearsy(the same one he wore when we met) a frame picture of him and a letter. I opened the letter and read it and i started to cry. It was like he was right next to me all over again. My sister picked up the boy and i spent the weekend on my bed crying my eyes out staring at Sean's face and holding that jearsy as close as i could. My heart has never been this sore ever but it was good to be able to feel again - even if itwas painful. I miss him - God how i miss him