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My Doctor's Appointment

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I had my 6 month office visit with my cardiologist today. The news was generally pretty good aside from my bad cholesterol remaining too high. He said the bad cholesterol level should be below 70 and mine is still above 100. So, I got a new medication - to go with the other 5 I take everyday - Zetia. I'm taking Lipitor and I am going to move from morning to night because he said it will work better. I could see a 15 point drop from that alone. And adding the Zetia should take another 15 points off.

I don't know anything at all about Zetia so I guess I'll be doing a google search on it. I know it's expensive, but I should qualify for the Merck drug program. I get my Plavix from the drug company. The state gets my Lipitor and Mavik and I pay for the Zebeta. The only other thing I take is aspirin, plus the nitro spray when needed - and I don't need it that often.

I continue to be amazed at the help that is available for people to get prescription drugs. My doctor's office has someone on staff that does just that - finds ways for people like me, without insurance, to get the drugs they need. Plus they have a program that I qualify for that takes care of the doctor and hospital bill. I still have to pay for labwork, but the lab lets me make payments that I can manage.

I've never even seen or heard of another doctor's office that goes so far to help people like me. No primary care physician in town does anything remotely like this. When I went to one a month or so ago it was over $300 just for the office visit. But I am diabetic and I did need to get that checked out. And it's doing just fine. I average about 105 on the glucometer. I have the Free Style monitor. he test strips are close to $100, though! Whew!

I go back for more labs in November and get a new stress test in December, and if all goes well I don't have to go back to the doctor until next year. I was kinda' suprised about waiting a year to go back, but they said if there was any change I could come back.

So there ya have it in a nutshell ...

If anyone else takes Zetia holler at me and let me know what I'm in for.