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Mixed Feelings on 9/11

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Today is supposed to be a somber day for so many of us ... but it just isn't that way, here, and I feel strange about it.

Here in Snapcatland 9/11 is a happy and joyous day filled with celebration, gifts, and an afternoon on the grill! It's my partner's birthday.

I've always felt rather peculiar in asking folks to come celebrate at my house on 9/11. But we manage. It was so much more difficult following the 2001 attack. That year we did well just to tear folks away from their television to come eat birthday cake. But it's gotten a bit better over the years. But it's still kind of weird.

I wonder how many other people out there celebrate birthdays on 9/11. What do they do? How must it feel to have your birthday perpetually linked to the worst terror attack our country has ever seen?

So - Happy Birthday to all the 9/11 babies out there!