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Visible Penis Line:Celebrity Edition

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by , August 8th, 2005 at 08:26 PM (2412 Views)

I just love VPL. Nothing gets me hotter than a hot VPL and I have come across a couple celeb VPL's that I wanted to share....

Ben Affleck

Jake Gyllenhall (click to enlarge)

Colin Farell (click to enlarge)

Andy Roddick

Jake Bronstein

and just for fun....



I have been watching Big Brother 6 like a crack addict this year and I haven't had such fun with a reality show since....well...maybe never. There were hella new twists this year and the houseguests are more than a little petty,bitchy,and self-absorbed with 1 Million dollars on the line this year instead of the the usual 500K at stake.

The main reason I've stuck around is because of a sexy little Muslim named Kaysar Ridha. Kaysar was dragged into the house by his good friend Michael because all contestants were required to have a partner this year,and he felt that he was not prepared. Not only is he prepared for the game,the man is a GOD. He is sweet,kind,fair,and brilliant. He may be the most decent person ever allowed to be on the show.I want to lick his knee sweat.
Unfortunately for me,last week Kaysar was evicted so I was a tad depressed until I learned that they were sending an evicted houseguest back into the house and back into the game!All America had to do was vote for which of the 3 recently evicted houseguests we wanted to see back in the house. And I did. Over and over and over and over again.
From what I've read,Kaysar is a shoo in to go back into the house. I wonder what he will think of all of his new fans and how much he has meant to us to see a good person in the game. I wonder if it will offend him to know that he has so many gay fans,and I wonder how many eyes he has opened with his faith. He has opened my eyes. And of course,my legs....



I have a new love affair. No,I'm not over you,Andreus. I am in love with Kathy Griffin...who? you might say..but if you are a good 'gay' you know exactly who I'm talking about. Or maybe not.

She was the loud-mouthed brash redhead on the Brooke Shields sitcom Suddenly Susan. No?

She was the winner of Celebrity Mole:Hawaii. Still nothing?


Oh! She was co-hosting (and I use that term lightly) with that horrible she-cow Star Jones on last years E! red carpet coverage of the Academy Awards.

Still nothing?

Well you are missing out. But here's the good can catch her on Bravo in her all new reality show Kathy Griffin - My Life On The D List.

I know there are way too many reality shows (and believe me,I'm still gagging over Bravo's decision to air the Bobby and Whitney chronicles) but there is something uniquely funny and sweet and HONEST about Kathy's show.

She knows that she is a D-List celeb (even though her parents don't think cute) and isn't afraid to flaunt it. She goes for it on the show, unabashedly demanding freebies from her publicists and designer friends to decorate her new (fab) home. She admits that she will do almost any gig to get money and she is totally over herself. How refreshing!
If you happen to catch her show this week,it is followed by a hour-long of her trademark stand-up where Kathy disses and bitches out the biggest names in the business. She takes no prisoners as she describes Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand as 'two strong black women',calls Ryan Seachrest a dick and gives proof,and explains why Clay Aiken is the gayest man on earth.

This bitch is funny! Watch and enjoy...I did!