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The Ex - an update

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by , August 8th, 2005 at 10:34 AM (471 Views)
Firstly thanks to all the guys out there for all their support - it is REALLY appreciated as i have few folks to unpack this on and my mates who know what's happening aren't always there at all hours. So as u know i arrived back in south africa after being delayed in heathrow for a couple of days and eventually arrived three days late. Off to the hospital to see Sean. I managed to corner his internist who gave me the low down and access to his chart ( one of my few doctor privilages). The boy was telling the truth - he is dying. He has and AIDS defining cancer - Kaposi's sarcoma - and its all over except his skin - which confused his GP when he first presented. He has also been shifted from one drug regimine to another as the viral strain he has is very resistant and they've just run out of drug options really. So he's been deemed a palliative case and they're keeping him comfortable until . . . So I saw him - he was very surprised i'd come but was in tears and said it was the best thing that had happened for a long time. We've been chatting about life and doing a lot of crying together ( and alone). Sunday i arrived to find him in tears as he said he realized he was going to die - was very drunk sunday. I see him everyday - get to chat to his folks and some of his rugby mates ( they don't know he's gay ) . Well his mom knows because she when she saw me we chatted and she said that she'd always suspected and when she heard form Sean i'd flown over was conviced. I of cause am still VERY MUCH in the closet with only a few of my mates in SA who know - so. So we take it one day at a time - the good days and the bad days - and we wait for the inevitable in the hopes that when it happens i'll still have something left of my heart

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