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Shit meet fan - Fan meet shit

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i swear i live from one crisis to another - not that many people care but hey. So i'm at work the cell rings its an international call from home - maybe its my family. So i answer - SHOCK. Its Sean my ex who i haven't seen or spoken to in forever since we broke up. I am speachless. my mind is just racing - where did he get my number , how does he know where i am and what the fuck is he doing phoning me . He's the one who wanted the grand divide for shit sake and blamed it on me! So i do the small the talk thing and he says he's got to tell me something important. He's in hospital very ill and the doctors say he positive. WTF - now i know he had been with other guys before me and god knows he probably had been with a few after me ( if you him he has that face and body that just screams i wanna fcuk u). He says he phoned to make sure i'd been tested ( with my job i'm tested for everything every six months and i now i'm negative) then he says that he still loves me and that i was the his only true love and that no one understood him quite like i did and he misses me and he knows the break up was actually all his fault and he wishes we hadn't broken up etc etc. Now i'm in tears cause he was my first and only and i Really loved him and its taken years to get over this plowing myself into my job to numb the pain and all. Then he says the doctors don't know how long he's got left and he wishes i was there .Well Pack your bags kids we're going on a guilt trip. Turns out he went all i'm-a-pornstar-slut-who-loves-to-fcuk-everything-that moves-and-preferably-bearback after the broke up and thinks thats how he got the virus - NO SHIT. So now i don't know what to do. Do i travel back home to see him potentially one last time or do i say screw it. Shit this always happens but i think i still love him

wraithsa - dazed and confused again