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Just me

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So what's all about really. The purpose - the plan - the grand scheame of things. We live in a cruel crazy beautiful world where most of us just try to survive one day at a time. Where's the substance where's the meat to this existance. i feel very detatched -like a leaf in the wind being blown hither and thither. I'm like a tree without roots or a ship without an anchor - how long can i survive before i perish for lack of nurishment or am broken against the rocks when the next storm comes. i get up in the morining and go to work and at night i go to bed - for with rest comes sleep and souls delivery. BUT would anything change if i weren't there - if were erased as it were - gone without a trace. I wonder sometimes.

Alone and yes lonely. Tis best to have loved and lost than never to have loved before - i don't know -what's worse? Knowing your love was suddernly denied, rejected , betrayed or not knowing if u will ever be loved. It not that i feel the need for someone to complete me i'm whole as it is - well as whole as one can be. Though having someone makes me more than what i am - which is just me.

wraithsa - just me