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A step in the right direction ?

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whilst commenting on someones thread the other day irealized i've been single for 3 years with no sex ( thay make for some huge forearms i tell u ). i suppose it was my discision really as i had broken up with ex - a really messy affair about my career and his lack of one . i naturally buried myself in work. Now i find the gay thing difficult in south africa - it better now not like in the past but still u can't help feel shit scared someones gonna take a baseball bat to your head for being different. So here i find myself in the west where gay marriage is now in the law books and hell i'm doing shit with the opportunity. So i made my action plan on how to put myself back in the game
1.) i'm moving out of the basement i'm in at the moment - literally i stay with my boss - and have found an appartment for little old me. The guys married with kids and thinks i'm straight so bring home a hunky piece of manflesh and then keeping them awake with the loud moaning could give them all a stroke. Moving in in two weeks time and i'm very excited.
2.) started looking after the body like i used to - the abs are getting there slowly but surely
3.) Making a concerted effort to go out and meet people - who knows there might be other gay guys in Toon town - i'm nervous as all hell. i feel like i'm fourteen and about to ask someone out for the first time its just awkward.

The one thing that really scares me at the mo is finding the only other gay guy around and then being rejected - just don't think i'll be able to handle that very well right now. Oh god it feels so weird #-o

well wish me luck mates
wraithsa - gay south african comming to a canadian city near u