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Finding my heart

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SO I'm back hope you all missed me - sorry i need to sort myself out as i had a lot of things going on in my head. Hopped in the truck early Saturday not having a clue where to go - switched on the radio and they were playing "go west young man" - i shit u not so i headed west from toon town (Saskatoon for all u non Canuks). 17 hours later i was in Vancouver - couldn't ride any further so i went to the beach had a swim and thought i should find a place to stay so i asked around some yoga places and found an ashram further east. Got the ashram the Sunday morning and asked if i could see the guy who ran the place. The guru in charge - old east Indian guy -come out and we chatted. After a while he looked at me and asked me where my heart was. Kinda strange ! - he said my heart chakra was bleeding and he could hardly sense it. So i told him what was going through my mind and what was happening in my life - he said i could stay and that we would work on find my heart again. For seven days i woke up and followed his instruction of asana meditation reflection and then at the end of the day we'd chat over supper on the days meditations - that was seven vegetarian days which means nothing to you unless u understand that south African are carnivores. After seven days he said he sense the green returning to my heart chakra but that i should go spend some time in nature to recharge and journal my thoughts. Needless to say i thanked him with a Harri aum shanti and was off again in my red truck.i headed east again and spent the last six days in the rockies by myself. So what's changed u ask? well I'm still dazed but I'm a little less confused.I think I'm supposed to be where i am now though i don't really know why. I also don't try get too worked up looking for all the right answers - i kinda think I'm not ready for them - at the moment I'm just happy to live the questions - cause thats the point isn't it to live all of it - maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to live myself into the answers.

Well now that I've bored u to death with my life I've gotta get back to the grind stone - work is not happy with me and my boss sent me a HUGE Pooh sandwich in the form of an email - but he admits he need me so i suppose thats a good thing.

See u boys in the forums ..|
wraithsa - just dazed