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What a mind fcuk

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So i realized that i'm getting homesick :sick: . It took me a while OK. The running helps take my mind off things cause i'm too fcuking dead afterwards to do anything but wish some decent human being shoots me to put me out of the misery of the pain. My mind had worked overtime and i'm writing shit down. Missing my yoga teacher - a sourse of inspiration and wisdom. She always said the unreflected upon life isn't worth living - so i reflect and reflect and reflect ...I can't help wondering why i did the big move thing and whether or not this is a perminant thing. I had a great job, good friends and a loving family - not to mention the most adorable god son in the world. My mates back home were getting on with their lives - getting engaged, married, buying homes and cars, having kids - getting on with their lives. But something was missing - i was looking for something. Just never thought the thing i was looking for was myself. As the song says "i'm just trying to be somebody - i'm not trying to be somebody else - this life is mine i'll live it". :!:

Now i'm in a new Western country - where it takes me 15min to figure out what milk to buy and get confused when prices don't include tax. And i pick the most gay unfriendly province - just my luck.

maybe i'll take out a classified ad

LOST - myself if found pls return to :confused:

wraithsa - dazed and confused