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Dense woods, rippling water, a different love

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Wandered all over the forests in eastern Oahu.We were searching and removing exotic plants that could potentially overrrun the native vegetation. It was a tidy bunch of eight nature enthusiasts.

There were ridges and gulches. Loved it in the dark mysterious gloom of the forests. Loved it when the group would break out in the open sunlight - on a ridgetop with a thick - REALLY thick like knee deep mat of ferns.Loved it most when crawling through the undergrowth - thickened even more with densely branched trees toppled by the flood waters and growing sideways.

Ended up in soaked and mucky brown jeans. Watched two clean built young men change shirts. Had watched their light athletic steps as they jumped over rock and streams.Felt one with the rythm.

Spent a good 5 hours in those dark and deep woods. Pulled 9 exotic plants and hung them to shrivel in the upper tree branches.

Still hear the ripple of the water.