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Guests Away - Atreides Plays

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Monday, May 16

Well, it was a nice relaxing weekend. Went to see Chorus Line - ugh!. Not a very inspired production to say the least. They cut a lot of stuff from the script and it still ran almost 2 hours! Eeeek! Run, Toto, run!!

The rest of the weekend was very nice. Got lots of sleep. Got off 3 times. That was especially nice. Got laid once and two nice stroking sessions. Ahhhhhh. Love it when I can jack off, come, and then just drift off to sleep. It's like living without a care in the world.

One whack off session was out on the couch in the family room... Blew off a pretty big load that time and shot all over my chest. Just rubbed it all in. Mmmm. Then drifted off to sleep. That night laying in bed, got off another load. Unloaded into a tube sock that time. Then just rolled over and fell asleep.

Actually got laid on Sunday. Nice. Plenty of foreplay - getting my balls massaged and my cock stroked. She even lapped and licked and sucked everything for a little while. Then I got to do one of my favorite things - titty fuck. Rubbing the head of my dick, oozing lots of precum, all over her nipples. They get almost as hard as my pecker. It feels great against the soft underside of my cockhead. And I love the feel of my balls dragging across her ribcage and sternum - If there's lots of precum to slide through it feels even better! Then she's pushing her tits against the shaft while I'm gliding my slippery, hard on between them. The head of my cock bumping against her neck. While she does this I reach behind me and finger her clit. I rub my fingers faster and faster until she comes. Then I get to shoot my wad all over her throat. After I come, I wrap my hand around the shaft and rub my dick through it all, spreading all over her tits. I drag my lowering balls through it. Feels SOOO good.

Getting off three times made up for the fact that I couldn't do anything all week long because of houseguests. Normally I can jack off at lunchtime if I need to. But can't do that when guests are there... No. Wouldn't be prudent. Anyway - all guests were gone on Sat morning.