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Just HAD to share...

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Thursday, May 12

Wooooooooweee!! Just got out of a lunch meeting going over the company 401k plan. Doesn't sound very exciting does it? But let me tell you, the guy from Merrill Lynch who did the presentation - one hot stud-muffin. Dark and just under 6' tall, dark hair, dark brown eyes, nice build, and the longest, thickest eyelashes I've seen on a guy in a long, loooong time. He's enough to turn your head immediately.

I happened to be sitting in the chair next to the laptop he was using for the PowerPoint presentation. He's got on this nice dark suit. Made out of some kind of thin material. Draped very nicely on him. So as he starts his spiel, he unbuttons the coat and it falls open. My eyes damn near popped out of my head! HUGE package. And I do mean HUGE.

I couldn't stop looking at his crotch... And as he turned to me I could see the outline of his cock. Pulled up against his abs to the right. The material of his pants - whatever it is - drapes and kind of clings to the shape. Every time he'd stretch to the computer his coat would pull towards his back and the crotch of the pants would tighten over his dick defining it even more! Oh, sweet mother of... Would I have loved to have been able to reach out and grab a handful of that!! My, oh my, oh my! he's gonna be fantasy jack off fodder for sure!!