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Warning: Rant!

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Wednesday, May 11

Did you read Dear Abby today??? UnFUCKing believable! This idiot writes in complaining that she's a mouthpiece for the gay community because she cited (and agrees) with scientific evidence pointing towards the fact that there are approximately 300 vertebrate species in the animal world that exhibit homosexual behavior. And recent studies have isolated that it is certainly genetic. This guy tells her she must retract her statement!! What a fucking MORON!!!

Can there really be such ignorant, stupid, gullible people in this world? To think that sexual orientation is a choice?? I want to say to them: That means you CHOOSE that your dick gets hard when you see or think about pussy. It's not that you are REALLY interested in or aroused by it - you CHOOSE to be. Well, guess what my good (red-necked, asshole) buddy??? That means YOU are just as capable of sucking cock, or getting butt-fucked and LOVING IT as any fag in history. That means you can NOT say "even the thought of it turns your stomach." because you'd be contradicting your belief.

I still cannot believe there are (supposedly) intelligent people in this world that can make such stupid statements. These kinds of folks are being led around through the nose by religious zealots. I think these are the same idiots who think that Life Extending Machines and Fertility Treatments are "God's Will" and pulling the plug on such machinery to allow a death is "murder and a sin;" that using a rubber or other type of contraception is "a crime against God & nature and a sin." Contradictory statements people!!! Wake the fuck up!!

Like that woman in the midwest several years ago that used fertility drugs to get pregnant. She ended up with 7 viable fetuses in-utero. When the doctors suggested "selective reduction" she refused because it was God's will that she have these 7 babies. No it was NOT! She interfered with God's will by using fertility drugs.

If you believe fully in "God's Will" you do not use fertility treatments of any kind to get pregant. You do it the old fashioned way - you fuck. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't: that's God's will. If you believe in God's Will you do not take Viagra, or Cialis so you can get your pecker up to have sex; it was God's will that kept it from getting hard in the first place.

If you believe in God's will, you do not sue anyone for "wrongful death" of a loved one due to an accident (automobile or otherwise): that was God's will. If you believe in God's will, you do not use any type of life saving equipment: No feeding tubes, no dialysis, no blood transfusions, no oxygen masks, no pacemakers, no stents. If you or your loved one dies, it is God's will. To keep them alive by any "artificial" means whatsoever is defying His will. That means no chemotherapy, no radiation: that is an artificial means of extending life.

If you believe that abortion is murder and a crime against God and therefore a sin, you can not believe in capitol punishment; you can not condone owning a gun which could be used to kill another person.

Yeesh! Sorry for the rant... that kind of shit just really gets me riled up.