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Catchin' Up

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Monday, May 9

Well, it's been a while... Just been positively up to my eyeballs in work. Serious OT here. Up to 14 hours per day. Just gets ya absolutely exhausted!

So, the blog has suffered. So has everything else... No time for anything! No fun of any kind: no veggin out in front of the television, no lounging by the pool, no JACKING OFF!! That's the worst! Having my balls suffer is something I can't take for vey long. I'm used to getting off every few days - at the most.

Saturday I got home from the office just dead tired. And we had plans for that evening. Without a nap there was no way I was going to keep my eyes open. I told my wife I needed to lay down for a short while. She'd been at work almost all day as well. When we're both tired (and cranky) like that we usually split up into separate rooms to nap. So I headed off to the bed and left her to deal with the couch in the family room.

I stripped down and dropped onto the bed. I just knew I would be asleep before my head hit the pillow. Ahhhh, it wasn't to be. My pecker popped bone almost as soon as it hit the sheets. I sleep on my side - kinda rolled over. A knee pulled up a bit, cock and balls dragging on the mattress. Well, I TRIED to ignore it. But it kept on badgering me and my balls were a little tender and achy. It was obvious there was no way I was going to get any sleep until I took care of it. I thrust against the mattress a little bit then rolled onto my back, wrapped my fist firmly around the base and pounded away.

I wanted it to be quick so I could sleep! I felt my balls pull up and the come start to gather and the door opened! She comes barging in... Lost the edge immediately. 'Course my cock was still standing up in the air and my fist was wrapped around it. No hiding it. No sense in even trying. I let it slap back down onto my stomach. It bounced back up hovering above my stomach, bobbing up and down with my pulse.

She smiled at me... I thought, Hmmmm... Maybe a quick blow job?? A helping hand??? Nope. She undressed and leaves the room saying she'd leave me alone so I could finish and get some sleep. She closed the door behind her. Welp, back to the matter at hand - pun fully intended.

I geared back up and was firing off in no time. It left me really relaxed and I was finally able to drift off to sleep. A nice deep, restful nap. That's the really nice thing about whacking off: it's as quick, or as long and pleasurable, as you want it to be. Woke up about 90 minutes later with my come still all over me. I went and turned on the shower and went out to the patio to have a smoke while the water got warm. She joins me out there. Typical conversation - not a single word about the splatters of dried jizz all over my chest.

I need a vacation though. Off by my lonesome to just chill out. Recently, I've been too busy. I think I need some "me" time.

I used to get a week a year just for me. The wife would go off to the beach for a week with her girlfriends. That gave me the house to myself and I was able to do what I wanted; when ever and where ever I wanted. I normally spent the first full day getting the house spotless. Then I would kick back and enjoy the week. I'd read, watch films she had no interest in, lounge by the pool. I'd only put clothes on to go out to a store or something. Otherwise I spent the entire week in the buff.

Twice in the 5 years she went off like that I had a small group of guys over for a skinny-dipping party. We grilled some burgers, swilled some beer, frolicked in the pool, sat around and b.s.'ed. All of us naked as jaybirds. All day and evening long. It was great. And of course everyone being nude eventually one thing led to another.

A couple of hours into it I noticed one of my friends had been MIA for a good half hour. I became concerned, wondering if maybe he'd already had too much to drink, and went looking for him. Imagine my utter surprise to find him in one of the bedrooms. He's on his knees at the bottom of the bed with his face buried in a crotch. I honestly had no idea he was bi. He's married, has kids and it was something we'd just never discussed. But there he was: stroking the guys pole with one hand; the other was stroking his own and he was tonguing the guys balls.

Chad, on the one hand - the one being serviced, I knew was gay. Everyone did. He'd been married and had kids and then one day after the last one had just gone off to college - Bam! he announces he's gay, moves out and files for divorce. After 22 years of marriage. His wife was stunned. His kids took it in stride.

But Chris really sent me for a loop. I didn't say anything though, I just kinda quietly joined in. I sat down on the end of the bed slowly jerking off. I reached out and took hold of Chad's dick. Without a word Chris grabbed mine and started pumping on it. It wasn't long before all 7 of us were gathered in that bedroom. Guys pounding away - on themselves and each other. Taking turns in front of Chad and Chris getting a little bit of a sucking on. Took about an hour before everyone in the group had come. I got some towels, we all cleaned up and went back out to the pool.

Chris and I never talked about it. When I'd invite him over for some skinny dipping he always showed up. If other guys were there and a circle jerk started he'd join in. But we never had any mutual sessions with just the 2 of us, although we had plenty of opportunities. Just didn't happen for some reason. Maybe he wasn't really interested unless he was in the throes of all that hard meat.