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Piss drunk

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Friday night yeah - before I forget
Tossed in assigments and jiggy danced all the way to the bar - with the hottest hunk in my dorm
I could see he was bein checked out by the women as we entered - and of course I was kinda feelin silly

Not for long
Couple pitchers and evreyone was err..
"gay" and happy -an unruly happy crowd of students hurraying over the end of the semester

Somewhere there in between forgotten conversation and throbbing music
I switched chairs over and sat by Him
I enjoy being with you he said
Youre a favorite

He hugged me when we returned
I dunno why
and suggested we drink together on the mountain top
I like bein in the forests
I like bein naked in the wilds ...

Hanh? Are we fuckin yet?
Just small delights -I know
But I never had a better high in years