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Imagine that. When I realized it had been so long since I'd gone to one of the local J/O group meetings I signed up to attend the last one. The group meets twice per month on Friday afternnoons at one of the local bathhouses.

Aaaaahhhhhhhh..... I feel SO much better! Small group - 7 guys showed up. Got hooked up with one of our member's member. He's in his late 30's, early 40's I guess. Very slim, dark hair, glasses, a little geeky. But he had great hands! What can I say? He's got a small dick. Barely fit in my hand, but it was a dick nonetheless! Felt good to wrap my hand around another one after so long. He does shave the shaft and his balls too - which is a plus for me. Unfortunately he had ball stubble... Ah, well, ya can't have everything, can you?

Anyway, we had a good strokin time for about 30 minutes. Then he said he needed a break. So we took a break for awhile, then got back to it. He sucked my dick for a little while. Felt fantastic to have a man sucking on me for a change. Hm. Just this instant it hit me: The difference between the guys and my wife giving hummers is the great tongue action. Swiling around the head and lapping at the underside of the shaft. Might have to TRY to give the wife some lessons in that. How do you that though? Say "Honey I love it when the guys lap at the underside of my cockhead while they suck? Do it like this..." Yeesh! I'd be sleeping on the couch.

After a little bit of mutual cock play, he sits on my lap and pulls my bone up between his thighs. The head is poking at his balls. He started riding me like that. Oh my God!! To have my cock riding up along his nuts and the shaft of his cock - felt great. He was jacking himself with one hand and reached down to play with my balls. I lost it! Started spewing my load. The first two shots hit him in the stomach and he grabbed our dicks in his hands and pumped. He started to come and stroked our poles together until we were both empty. :=D:

We laid around for a few minutes and then showered, dressed and left. God it was nice to be with some jack off buddies again after so long a dry spell.

I've gotten a few comments about my blog entries. I appreciate knowing you guys are there and reading, and enjoying! This blogging thing could become a habit! I like the thought of being able to put my experiences out there to relive 'em once in the while. I also like to write fiction, but I promise if I post a fictional story it'll be labeled to indicate it.

'Til next time, guys! You got 'em...Stroke 'em!!