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Weekend J/O to remember!

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Third Entry. April 19, 2005.

As you can tell, I don't necessarily get to post on the exact day that I write. But, it's OK. At least I get to put these in at some point.

Well, it's been a couple weeks I guess. It's been pretty busy for me. Both at work and personally. Huge project at work. Personal time is usually spent at the theatre either rehearsing for a show or working on some other project that needs to get done. Had a show in performances that finally closed. It went OK. Had the cast & crew over to the huse for a party this past Saturday nite. The party was fun. Everyone had a good time - only two people were drunk enugh to have to camp out on the couches.

The prep sure was a good time though...

The pool needed to be cleaned and the guy hadn't shown up all week long. I'd had to call on Friday to rattle some cages and insist that it be done for the party. So, the wife is sitting out on the patio making one of her endless To Do lists (drives me crazy). I was in the house dusting things off, just putzing around in general. I heard foorsteps in the gravel outside the window of the office. I pulled the blinds back just enough to peer through. The pool guy. He stopped at the pool equipment to turn it on. I was just about to go about my business when I see him stop, turn to the wall, unbutton his jeans, heft the whole package out nuts and all, pull back the foreskin and take a leak against the house. I started to get a bit ticked, but then figured the poor guy is out all day. What else is he supposed to do? I was also mesmerized by his size. Flaccid it was at least 5 inches long and quite thick. His balls were pretty big too, hanging very low and you could see the sweat matting the hair on them. Very nice package. His cock swelled a bit when he was done peeing as he stroked to clear, then shook. He stuffed it down the left leg of his jeans and buttoned up. He picked up his stuff and waltzed around to the pool.

I moved to the window in the family room to watch him. Nice looking guy. Slim, nice build, dark longish hair. He had sunglasses on so I don't know what color his eyes are. As he moved the brush along the walls and floor of the pool, his shirt rose up revealing his abs. Nice. No six-pack, but nice. A small trail of hair from his navel leading down into the waist of his pants. As he moved around he kept getting harder and harder. It was snaking down the leg, almost perfectly outlined. I don't know if it was the material of his jeans rubbing against him, or what. But it sure was looking good. My wife had to see it. I looked over at her. Yup. She was watching his every move. I saw a hand drop down to her crotch and stifled a laugh.

Shit! My old lady was giving herself a little diddling over this guy. Very funny. The wife never even noticed me. And it made me horny as hell. Watching him with a huge boner poking against the already tight fabric... Seeing her rubbing a finger along her clit... I popped wood instantly! And wished I could get the both of them into the house rolling naked on the floor with me!

That thought got me really hard. I started rubbing my pole, squeezing my balls. I started leaking precome very quickly, so I dropped my pants to the floor. Standing at the window, yanking my boner, while my wife tried to discreetly poke her pussy out on the patio. What a treat this was!

We both watched him. Seeing the long pole of the skimmer net sliding through his hands. It brought thoughts to my head of him standing there stroking his rod for us, putting on a show. I don't know if he noticed either of us. Since he had on shades it was difficult to know if he saw either one of us. But after a few minutes, I didn't even care if he knew. Maybe he was getting a thrill out of it too. 'Cause his cock never went limp the whole time.

Before I knew it my balls jerked up and I was unloading. The first shot spattered against the wall just below the window. Blast after blast of hot come splashed into my left hand while I pounded my rod with my right. After I stopped shooting my load, I sighed in relief. I ventured a glance towards my wife and saw her sitting there with a big smile on her face, still watching the pool guy.

Now how to pull my pants back up without getting come all over them? Both hands were filled with it; my dick was slick and still dripping. I shrugged my shoulders, stepped out of them. I left them laying there while I went to the kitchen sink and cleaned up. Got a paper towel to wipe off the wall. When I got back to the window to slip my pants back on, the guy was just finishing up. He nodded his head to me and walked around the corner of the house. As he went he grabbed the bulge in his crotch and smiled at each of us. I just imagined him going back to his truck and wacking off all over the steering wheel!

The party was a hoot! The last of the guests sober enough to drive left around 4am. The other two slept on the couches - one in an extra bedroom and one in the family room. Sunday, the house looked like a frickin disaster area! But the guests who stayed over night helped us clean everything up. By the time they left at noon the house was about spotless again.

Didn't do much the rest of the day though. Just laid around the house, ate and did the Sunday Crossword in the paper. I was so tired that I was in bed again by 8:30. But it sure was a good weekend!