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Entry 2

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Some days I get so fuckin horny I can't stand it! Today's one of those days... Maybe it's from the guy that waltzed past me this morning. I was standing in front of the office building having a smoke. He goes strolling by with a huge pole tenting against his pantsleg. I mean HUGE!! I couldn't stop myself from staring at it as he walked by. He smiled and said good morning. All I could do was grunt and nod. Sheesh...

'Course perusing the site here just adds to the buildup. The reward will be when I do finally shoot this load it'll be a good one! If you've seen my Photo gallery, you'll know I have a fave site. Jerkoffbuds. Yep. Like that one. Lots of pictures and stuff of my favorite pastime(s): Jacking Off (solo) and Stroking With Buds!! I like sucking and gettin sucked too, and they've got that too. Another favorite is ClubStroke - but he charges for the decent areas now. Used to belong to JackinWorld. But they seem to have really geared it towards being a "how to" site for the next generation of strokers.

Damn! Lost my massuer... He moved out of town. Now I've got to find another one who will take care of me as well as he did. He was really good. He really paid attention and spent extra time on what needed it. Yes... He did give happy endings. Total, complete relief of tension. I'd be as limp as a wet noodle when he was done. Ready to curl up and sleep like an innocent babe. I never asked him - he offered. No added charge of course - that's illegal boys and girls!!

It never fails. Every time I get a massage I get a hard-on. And as usual, when he told me to turn over I said I needed a couple minutes. He laughed. A real gentle laugh and said "Happens all the time. I've seen more than you can imagine. It'll go down." So he helped me roll over and placed a small towel over the tent in the sheet. Well, that sucker never went down. It stood at full, rock hard attention the whole time. He finally leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Guess I was wrong. Want me to take care of it?"

Well, Mama didn't raise no fool! I certainly wasn't going to turn that down. He oiled up his hands and gave me a really nice, gentle, steady hand job. The strokes he used on me were unique. Not just your typical up and down the pole. And he included my balls which was nice too. Just as he realized I was ready to blast off he stopped and spread a towel over me. Then went right back to it and finished the job. This guy was the first one who actually acknowledged it in such a nice way.

Every other massuer I'd had reacted in different ways. At first they all said it was no big deal and most would just pretend they didn't notice it. I'd usually end up doing a solo number after they were finished and told me to rest a bit and then dress. But one guy got pissed and told me to get dressed and leave. One handed me a towel and said he'd be back when I'd had enough time to "take care of the problem." Actually, that wasn't such a bad one.

Oh, my! I just realized that some people might consider a happy ending to a masage as cheating too! LOL. Oh, well... So how do I find a new massuer without going through a battalion of them before finding one that will finish the job properly? *|*