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First One

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I've flogged plenty of logs, but I've never blogged one. So, with that in mind, I hope anyone who stumbles onto this and reads won't be terribly bored. 'Course, I understand these things are basically for solo use anyway. (And I like doing a solo flog almost as much as I like flogging with buddies. I mean blog... Damn! Gotta get this teminology down here!)

Hope my humor isn't too lame.

So, here goes. My first entry:

Monday, April 11, 2005.

I think I'll start off with a little personal info and short history.

I'm a married bi-guy. I'm 52 now. Probably waaaay too old for most of you guys around here. But, what the hell? Us oldsters need to have some fun too! I'm 6' tall, weigh in around 180 to 190. It fluctuates, but I try to keep the weight down. It's been a lifelong struggle for me - something I always have to work at. I've got brown hair. Well, the grey is starting to take over. But I can't seem to bring myself to start dying it. Guess as long as the pubes are still brown it's not too, too bad, huh? My sister told me on my 50th that I'd really begin to feel old when the pubes turned grey! Well, she oughtta know - she's 58 now.

I have blue eyes that change shade according to what I wear. The bluer the shirt, the bluer the eyes. I used to have a mustache. I shaved it off a few years ago. Then developed some kind of warts... Weird. The Dermotologist froze 'em off and told me to stop shaving for a while. I did. Had a decent full goatee for about a year. Just shaved clean again a couple months ago.

I used to shave the shaft of my (7.5" cut) dick for anyone who cares about that stuff. And my balls. Got tired of the nicks and went in for Laser Hair Removal. I keep the rest trimmed down neatly. My wife likes it - less irritation when we fuck. And no hair in her mouth when she sucks me off. I like it that way because there's less itching; It feels really good when I'm jacking - or getting jacked. And best of all when anyone licks my balls. Mmmmm. What a great feeling!

I've been married twice. Ya think I'd have learned the first time. Anyway, between marriages I did some... Well ok, a LOT of "experimenting" shall we say? I was 28 years old already. That's when I got my first taste of having a man blow me. Holy crap!!! That's when I discovered guys are MUCH more adept at cockplay than women will ever hope to be. I'd had plenty of mutual stoking though (circle jerks with my brother and our friends when we were kids and then some Air Force buds) and that's all the first few got out of me.

Then one night a friend was over at my apartment. We were just bullshittin' and watching a little TV. Every so often he would grab his crotch and give a tug. Seemed like your normal "adjusting" kind of thing. But he kept doing it. I hadn't known him very long, didn't know him very well, but I ventured a couple adjustments of my own. But neither of us made any overt moves. Around 11pm he gets up, goes into the bathroom, takes a leak. When he comes back down the hall he hesitated like he was leaving. So I got up to say goodnite and extended my hand to say thanks for the company. He grabs me, pulls me into him and starts groping my crotch! Well I popped bone instantly. That's when he kissed me. Full on the mouth!! And started grinding his hard on into me. We ripped each other's clothes off in minutes.

I don't know what it was about him; he was an average guy, with an average build, and an average cock. But whatever it was... He got me so turned on. He'd turned me every way from Sunday and actually had me begging him to let me come. Instead he twisted himself around and shoved his crotch in my face. Up 'til then I'd stroked him, played with his balls and stuff but nothing else. He smelled great!! Before I knew what hit me I sucked as much of it as I could into my mouth. I just started mimicing his moves on me. He gave off little spurts of precome and I couldn't believe how good it tasted. I don't know how long we played like that. Sucking and jacking and jiggling each others balls. Then he came. It took me by surprise even though I should have recognized the impending explosion. I actually savored it when he shot his load into my mouth. Then he FINALLY let me come. It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had in my life. He was drenched in it.

We ended up being pretty good Fuck Buddies for a while. We'd go out somewhere and if either one of us was horny we'd have at it. We'd start crotch-groping in the car (somtimes it was tough for him to drive! LOL!!). If we had no plans, but one of us needed to get off all we had to do was call. He put a stop to it when I got engaged. They knew each other and ABOUT each other and he said he just didn't want to be the "third wheel" that I cheated with.

For the last 19 years (that's the next wedding anniversay) any guy - guy action has been very sporadic. I joined the local jack off group. The vast majority of the members are married guys. I only manage to get to a meeting once in a while for some mutual stroking (with an occassional blow job thrown in). Haven't attended in well over 2 years now.

And only twice over the years I went to the local gay bath house. Didn't find a whole lot of action there. I'm not much of a heartthrob in the looks department. Guess my 7+ inches finally got me noticed. Otherwise I just have a bunch of solo dvd's that I whack off with. She knows about those - never says anything about it though.

I don't know... Is stroking with a few pals "cheating" like that fuck buddy from so long ago said? As far as my wife knows I haven't done anything since way back then. I have no intention of finding out if she would think it's cheating. So I'm totally closeted (again). It was great having a friend like that though and I sure do wish it would have continued. Wish I could find another one just like him. I miss the heft of heavy balls and a hard pole in my hands. And although my wife gives pretty decent head, she' still no match for the guys. Sorry honey! Don't mean to make ya feel bad but it's the truth.