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  1. My thought too.
  2. I always knew you were a wanker, I just wanted you to admit it. Do you use lube? Haha
  3. Not only that but regularly and in a variety of different ways. What in the world would make you think otherwise?
  4. wanker90
  5. It's not your father's job to teach you how to shave your balls.
  6. lmao mine didn't even teach me how to shave.
  7. I phrased it poorly. "Emphasis on family" is perhaps more accurate. Sorry.
  8. I didn't take it as a negative. I don't think I ever talk about homemaking, assuming homemaking means cooking, cleaning, etc. Neither Tomas nor I are very domestic that way. I also no longer share about my family...too many snarky comments from assholes. I let them win.
  9. Hmm... no. I guess because you talk about homemaking and family a lot. I didn't mean it as a negative.
  10. I don't know which group I fall into, but as I said, I wish you were still posting. Having people we like/dislike here must be common to all of us. If everyone left for that reason, no one would post, but it is your choice, obviously. But honestly, Paul, you must miss Bender and Cupid, eh? LOL
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