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  1. Oh gosh! They're recovered already!
  2. Nope. I plan on fucking him on the first night. Thanks for the advice though... just kidding! Thank you, really I will.
  3. Thanks for asking! The twins are great! They send their regards, they're kinda busy at the moment. Hahaha just kidding!
  4. Pussy always cheers me up. BTW, how are your balls these days??
  5. I couldn't resist. Maybe it'll cheer someone up.
  6. Hey! It's getting better. This whole testicle debacle helped a lot because it got my mind off of things. When I have an issue or a task, I often feel better than times when there's nothing to do, and I'm left with my thoughts. Thanks for your concern!
  7. Claws? Another reason to avoid them.
  8. Even pussies have claws.
  9. Thank you, Mr-B
  10. Happy Father's Day!!!!
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