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Conversation Between sixthson and Taz

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  1. People fascinate me. I'm always wondering what brought them to where they are today. In his case, he seems incapable of going beyond the most superficial human intimacy. He's like a grade schooler.
  2. I think I would be one of the guys that never says hello to him, and hopes he doesn't say hello back hahaha.
  3. Wow, what a nice thing to say! Thanks, you are too kind. Glad to see you posting.
  4. It's begs the question what does normal mean. I guess in that post I mean that most of the people here are decidedly average. Both in personality and kindness. There are those in the minority like yourself that I consider to be wonderful people, but you are the smallllll minority.
  5. Anything that isn't his opinion, Isn't a fact haha.
  6. Thanks sixthson I was only apologizing cos i thought he may have thought i was blasting him :P
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