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  1. In my state, the first 1.6 million is tax free, soon to be 2 mil. Then it is taxed at 10-16%, so the estate still keeps most.
  2. Apparently his real life friends think he is predicable too. Where have you been? I've missed seeing you around.
  3. Yes I am... but my frame of mind is the same.
  4. Are you Offering !?!?!?
  5. It's what people without Greek husbands have to do to compensate.
  6. I was building Lego castles around mine.
  7. Yes... he did. Numerous times.
  8. I thought he had been in a long term relationship for some years and that they adopted children together. Did he lead people on by flirting?
  9. He created most of his grief leading people on and pretending to be single for the attention. HE was his own worse enemy. IMO.
  10. What made him a self centered liar? I knew he could be arrogant, but he caught a lot of grief, too, didn't he?
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