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  1. that is addictive!
  2. You know me too well!
  3. Those are dimples of Venus. Oh...don't be jealous of me.
  4. As you can see from the picture. I love sharing my pole with others.
  5. Yeah...why did they delete our posts? Those were my BEST work!!!
    People need to lighten up and relax.
  6. Well...I would wear the leather bracelet where I wear my other ring down below.
  7. Eh...where do you think I learned how to roll over and lift my legs up in the air from?
  8. Are you trying to boost my self esteem with your flattering post comments. You're shy dog shows his wiener less than you do.
  9. IVF: "This is your most profound post. "

    Good morning buddy!
  10. Yes, you won the bet. It has been years since I use these words "inexperience but ready to explore."
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