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  1. Hey! How are you doing? I noticed you haven't been around much lately or posted for a while, so I hope all is well
  2. Hehehe, you have a point, it does look like a cross between a giraffe and a dragon, but I'm quite sure it's supposed to be a horse Glad you "enjoyed" the giant bar of choccy!
  3. Aha! That makes it much clearer. It's obviously some sort of giraffe dragon creature.

    And that giant bar definitely satisfied my craving. Finally! Thank you!
  4. Here's a more complete picture, and although it's upside down, it seems that it's supposed to be a horse.

    Oh, I finally found a large bar of white choccy for you
  5. I mean it has to be something else... I just can't figure out what it's supposed to be.
  6. And just think, that's a chocolate bar whose main marketing strategy is aimed at children! Originally I was trying to find a picture of a very large bar of choccy, but without success, so when I came across that pic, I thought that would be just as good
  7. Yup... that's what I thought I saw.
  8. Maybe this will provide clarity
  9. LOL Yes, I did... looked at it for a while to see if it was what I thought it was. Still not sure
  10. Aww But did you take a close look at the picture?
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