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  1. He's just a kid with sex-appeal.
  2. LOL! But Madonna isn't any different. Madge tried to shine a flattering light on Wallis in that movie but it bombed. I think it's already out on DVD.
  3. I would've certainly kept her at bay. She seemed like a money-hungry pushy woman. I'm not surprised Madonna made that movie about her.
  4. Would have? Wallis WAS a disaster, a huge one for Edward and even worse for the Royal family.
  5. Wallis Simpson, whatever she was, would have been a disaster for the weak-willed Edward
  6. Fair enough, Mikey. That photo is in a mirror with the late afternoon sun lighting up the image.

    Did you know I always have to check myself when responding to your posts? I have to check that you're not the other Mikey from the monastery.
  7. That's probably one of the reasons why I don't drive a motor car.
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