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  1. Agreed to massive divergence in style, but then there must be much we don't know about someone this obscured for this long.
  2. Not even your nominee could be this bizarre or verbose.
  3. I could not possibly agree with you more. Sometimes I wonder how flagrant breakings have to be exactly to be recognized.
  4. Address the TOPIC! Dull X 10 this morning; put me back to sleep, Opie needs to get a little more spine. L
  5. It does seem rather quiet this morning, doesn't it?
  6. Maitre'd, server, bartender, cashier. Going to work in (CA) afyernoon is a restaurant or hotel shift.

    Sydney is 17 hrs ahead of me so he would be going in at about 5 PM (tomorrow)?
  7. Turns out sharks are really useful:

    Shouldn't you be consumed by tax work about now? L
  8. Frankly I thought ****** was run out of town.
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