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  1. That I could believe... or Virge's BIG red FONTS. There just wasn't room for them!!!
  2. Actually it was the accumulation of drool and spooge from reaper's admirers that shorted all the circuits
  3. It was probably you and BlueStar Chatty Kathy's over loading the systems!!!

  4. I just saw this from East:
    I just saw this...

    14/11/2014 15:20

    Catastrophic server crash!

    Resulting in server software having to be completely reloaded/rebuilt and website restored from backup.

    Estimated up time should be within the next 2-3 hours hopefully.

    Kind regards,

  5. Force fields are still up and impenetrable for me as well... I'm assuming "technical difficulties".
  6. Borg - our other site still down? I can't get it with any browswer. Lewis
  7. I agree!! There's def. a target there.
  8. it is, but I'd not like to publicize it outside this thread. one of the guys mentioned a pa and Jacob's ladder so I obliged
  9. Are you dodging the question?
  10. Are you stalking me? L
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