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  1. Im going to take this private message. Xo.
  2. The same as far as holidays. Usually go all out but just not into it this year. Have been taking a lot of time off work. I haven't decided as to whether I am going to call the Navy quits and do something different or if I am going to continue the career path... It seems unlikely I will go to a job out of the Navy making the same with benefits as I do now but for now it isn't about money or bene's it is about happy. Unfortunately all of the jobs I have remaining are paper pushing jobs and that is driving me bonkers. I needa do stuff...
  3. Well....i cant stand scars....and yes...its under my face and no one will see it - but you know...having had an eating will bother me and im feeling well...ugly (as hell). Thanksgiving was good. Christmas tree was bought today and is gorgeous....horny. Bleh. Strep is gone. And have enjoyed the break from school.

    You love?
  4. Besides being banged up a bit
  5. 'ello....... Hows things?
  6. Hello love
  7. .......where you been at?

  8. .

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