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  1. Obviously not THAT well-remembered.
  2. Yeah, that's usually the way. You see it coming a mile away, but you have to let it spool out. You hope you're just being cynical, but it nearly always ends up you ain't. And you can't ban early, because then you're playing minority report.
  3. a Multi admin FB page that has to be documented rarely goes off the rails personally, and when it does, there is only one arbiter.the manager admin, or page owner. Their FB password could overide anything. It never happened though. Believe me, it was alot more like people pouting on occasion that they got stuck with the shit jobs. I think that Mods for Forums like this one have an entirely different situation to deal with, so I could see how it could happen.I also think that the rest of the mods or admins would just roll their eyes, go whatever, and go back to reading.

    When you are not personally invested in a thread content, it is really tedious.

    I had the glorious task of reading all the comments to weed out the spam from the honest info links, and let me tell ya... It's ugly out

    If you tell someone precisely" if you do ______ you will be banned", and they will do it just as a challenge, That can only end one way and it has to be fast before the drama begins.
  4. this is a bit different.

    We were contracted separately, as consultants by a social media mgmt firm, to do a job, and all of us had our own clearly defined duties, on all the org's 6 FB pages.

    For the sake of continuity we ran a private FB group and posted things there to track each others decisions as such, but the way Fb is set up, and the way an FB page is allowed to be administrated, there was no mod forum. It was all just documentation to prove we were in compliance with the 501c4 regs.

    Personal tiffs with other admins just didn't happen.

    Facebook has five diff ranks of Admin status, based on duties. Some are just admins that data mine to make sure the content is within the "like" range.

    Others had fully interactive abilities with the page. I had access to everything but who had admin permissions, because I needed to be able to delete non compliant material, like spam and satire, or things not within the mission statement of the articles of incorporation.
  5. It is like a public PM. Semi-PM, if you will.

    And nobody tromped off to try to form their own forum - one without the petty rules and power-hungry moderators? I've only been behind the scenes of two sites, and I've seen it happen three times...
  6. did what? and what is this new little function? is this like a public Pm of sorts? that's cool!
  7. What? Nobody did that on your site?
  8. We tease you a lot, 'cause we got you on the spot. Welcome back.
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