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  1. Ans to comment...
    You subscribe and the searching is over
    the Beguine may begin...
  2. the book is on my 2+t hard drive...
    Like the LOC its forever.
    I read it...somehow..its just not the
    same as holding the real physical object
    a good friend made personal...
    Electronics can't replace old friends or fireplaces.
  3. and why would you want to get close to PityPattyScrimshaw?
    Kindle is recharging now...those keys are so tiny and I use a
    wide format so the board is on the ... you guessed it, lefty
    Just tell me (when convenient, what to do.)
  4. I suppose this is as close as I'll ever get to Pat.
    Oh, the reason I stopped by - if you can't get a file from the email to the Kindle, I can probably help.
  5. The pads I mess around in no one has ever accused me of tinkering.

    But, samsung nor apple are part of those interfaces....
  6. I wouldn't know about thread ratings no body ever did that to me....
  7. Wanks to me are a means to an end. Perhaps I'm a bit Teutonic in that
    attitude but my Gallic side craves a partner to share the bliss and the
    Masturbation is like talking to yourself, strictly practice and no one
    gets to share. JMHO. don't worry, there are lots here who don't
    agree with me.

    Now, how about we go fold towels in the locker room?
  8. re the stuff you sent, I can't even find these comments. but every once in a while when I stumble on them. Would that stuff work here? Why won't plain old cu ad paste work. i hate feelng stupid.
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