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  1. The 2 Irish lovelies are actor Stuart Townsend and model/actor Jamie Dornan

    Thank you for the comments
  2. Good, I'm glad to hear that
  3. thank you, after a few reboots and other changes, I got in today.
  4. Are you still unable to open the 13 thread?
  5. Hello, dear Rand Yes, I'm still able to open T13, it's really weird that you are unable to. Have you tried clearing your cache? Sometimes that can help with computer glitches.
    I had a good birthday, nothing special but a good day nevertheless, thank you
  6. I don't seem to be able to open the Hot 13 thread. Are you able to open it? Do hope your birthday was a joy and you had a good time.

  7. Hi Rand, just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments, it always cheers me to see something from you
  8. On Sunday and Tuesday I posted links and pictures of the installation in my thread and it turns out that one of my JUB friends has actually purchased one of the poppies.

    Yes, just viewing it in pictures and on the television was quite something. It must have been even more so to those who have seen it with their own eyes, especially for any relatives of the fallen. As for the leaders, history has shown that their arrogance made them oblivious to the great travesty they were the perpetrators of.
  9. I thought the installation was overwhelming. That each represented an innocence given, a trust given, a life given. Such heros for their nation in which they have faith. One wonders how the leaders could live with themselves for allowing it to go so far.
  10. I know what you mean - - - doing a name search for every picture is such an effort. I know the biggies, and do avoid them, but then some models change their looks so that even then it is easy to post in error. I did that with some cutie - he had dyed his hair blond and I didn't realize. Then there are those I've never heard of and would not recognize at all. Just have to rely on someone to let me know!
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