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  1. You're welcome to my child-bearing organs, but I must warn you that they are already waaay past their use by date!
  2. Thank you, I'll look forward to that
  3. Yeah, that mighty rowdy stallion. I guess I will still remember him every year on my birthday.

    May he gallop in peace.

    A thread for me? I don't think so... I do not post here very often. Your DM or PM is already great enough for me
  4. One of these years maybe someone will make a thread for you. I could do it but I feel I don't actually know enough about you to know what to put in it. I did mean to do something this year, even if it had just been via a PM, but I've been concentrating on Lefty's birthday. Even though he's no longer here, some of us have been "celebrating" his birthday in his two threads in F&G.

  5. Ouuuuuuuuuuu you remember! Thanks gurl

  6. Hope you're having a good one
  7. Hehehe, thank you The sound quality still isn't great, but I could tell that you have a very pleasant sounding voice. Apparently if you plug your earphones into the microphone socket, they can be used as a mic FYI, just in case you ever decide to do another one of these
  8. Your request of my recording is done

    F. K.
  9. It's all right, my foxxy friend, as least you had me concussions from the body bouncin'
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