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  1. I've only worked in Spain. León, Mérida, Calatayud, Guadix and of course Granada.
  2. Does not diminish the degree of coolness which city have you been to? I take it mostly in the Middle East countries. Tell me you're ventured to Mekkah and Medinah!
  3. Sorry, that was a reference to Indiana Jones
    I've worked in several archeological sites, not the ones with amazing ruins but most modest ones with small buildings, although most of the times we work in historical cities, frequently in monuments.
  4. Communists and Nazis? did I mention those two in my comment?

    Still, regardless of your field, archaeology is fascinating, though I'm not good at it at all
    Have you gone to historical sites or sth like that for field research or anything related to your job? Just wondering
  5. there are not communist or nazis to fight with medieval archeologist. Since I'm in Granada it could be said I'm specialist in medieval islamic archeology... the longer the tittle is, the more important it sounds, you know
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